5 Awards “Everything Everywhere All At Once” Better Win This Year — No If’s, Ands, Or Butts

So I saw “Everything Everywhere All At Once” a few weeks ago and it blew me away! But of course I forgot to write about it because … work. However, I did want to circle back around and talk about one very specific thing — awards!

I’m serious when I say “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is one of the most creative films I’ve ever seen in all of my (almost) 30 years of life. So I’m even more serious about “Everything Everywhere” winning ALL the awards this year.

I’ve never EVER been a big fan of award shows, so I don’t even bother watching them on TV. I’d rather get my disappointment straight from Twitter because …

And if you’re rooting for all the Black films (that deserve) then you know how exhausting awards seasons can be.

However, this may be the one time I care and voice my opinion about awards — outside of Black films! So here are …

5 Awards “Everything Everywhere All At Once” Has To Win This Year

  1. Best Actress in a Supporting Role
  2. Best Costume Design
  3. Best Director
  4. Best Makeup
  5. Best Picture

Point. Blank. Period.

And if “Everything Everywhere All At Once” doesn’t win every one of these damn awards this year, I will cry. Or riot. You pick.

Because I’ve never seen a supporting actress more deserving of an award than Stephanie Hsu, who plays ‘Joy’. And if you think “Cruella” deserved the ‘Best Costume Design’ award last year, Shirley Kurata exceeds those expectations tenfold! So let’s not even bother arguing with me on this one, okay?

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