“Top Gun: Maverick” Didn’t Make Me Cry (Unlike Some Men) But These 5 Moments Definitely Made Me Tear Up

Look, when I got invited to see “Top Gun: Maverick” in IMAX a few weeks ago … by IMAX … I wasn’t prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that this sequel would take me on. And I definitely didn’t think “Top Gun: Maverick” would make me cry!

I mean, it didn’t … unlike a few men, who admitted to crying in theaters online.

But still! I never once thought I’d need tissues to get through this.

The first “Top Gun” film, is actually quite a snoozefest, compared to its sequel. Yet, you should still watch “Top Gun” before watching “Maverick”. Don’t worry, you’ll make it through just fine, and it’ll enhance your theater experience when watching the sequel … almost as much as IMAX, if not a tad more?

However … now that I’ve seen “Top Gun: Maverick” on the big screen, I’m in utter shock at how amazing this film is. It’s definitely one of my top films this year, and absolutely one of the best sequels I’ve ever seen. Hell, it’s also one of the few films where the sequel is actually better than the original.

So, with that said, here are …

5 Moments In “Top Gun: Maverick” That Almost Made Me Cry

Keyword: almost.

top gun maverick cry

1. Seeing ‘Rooster’ for the very first time.

I know … I’m lame! But seeing ‘Rooster’ (Miles Teller) on screen for the first time took me back a bit. He looks JUST like ‘Goose’!

It’s insane! They casted him so well! But it definitely made me super emotional, knowing what happened in the first film.

2. Watching the new team sing at the bar piano.

Just like the “good ol’ days”.

Again … maybe it’s just me, and maybe I’m super cheesy, but watching the new crew sing at the piano, the way ‘Maverick’ (Tom Cruise) and ‘Goose’ did 30 years ago, definitely made me wanna cry.

Yes, they were singing that song! That same song, Rooster learned 30 years ago, sitting on his dads lap, or on top of the piano.

3. Hearing ‘Maverick’ say he wants to “teach them how to come home”.

Not only did this show his growth as a Captain, and as a former goofy, class clown, arrogant ass man.

But it also shows that he’s still in pain over what happened 30 years ago! The old Mav took life for granted, always expecting to come home in one piece, because of his “awesome flying skills”.

But the new Mav knows now that no matter how good you are, you still have to take precautions, or you could be telling someone’s loved ones why they won’t be coming home.

4. Loosing ‘Iceman’ despite how cold he was to ‘Maverick’ years ago.

I never thought I would care about ‘Iceman’ (Val Kilmer). But just as Mav ended up learning to love him, so did I. And when it was time for him to leave … it broke my heart knowing ‘Maverick’ was losing another friend.

5. Listening to ‘Rooster’ say exactly what ‘Maverick’ says when he needs help.

It’s hilarious, in an incredibly ironic ‘haha’ that’s not actually funny kind of way, how ‘Rooster’ says exactly what ‘Maverick’ says when they’re in need of help.

Especially knowing how angry ‘Rooster’ was with ‘Maverick. So to hear him say “talk to me dad”, when Mav still says “talk to me Goose”, literally brings tears to my eyes.

They’re connected in so many ways, without even realizing it, and that’s the magic of this sequel. The nostalgia is near perfect!

Almost a little too perfect.

But that’s why I absolutely loved “Top Gun: Maverick”. These moments are what really connected me to this movie, in ways I had never thought would be possible.

Of course, I also laughed a few times as well. Yet, these emotional moments are what I look back on, and think the most about.

I legit can’t wait to see “Top Gun: Maverick” again, and grab it on Blu-Ray!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch this movie yet, please go out and see it!

Thank me later.

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